Welcome to The Garden

Ecstatic Sexuality and Awakening Guidance

Enter The Garden and join in a vibrant community of awakening beings as we explore and discover more of our sexual and spiritual play.

Are you ready to learn more about your sexuality, your relationships, and your energy body?

Are you ready to explore consciousness, and learn what it means to be so full of pleasure that you exist in ecstasy?

THE GARDEN is a membership community where you can receive personal guidance in ecstatic sexuality and spiritual awakening.

As a member of THE GARDEN, you will receive twice monthly guidance calls around awakening and sexuality: the first call of each month is a channeling session, and the second call each month is a coaching call, around topics such as:

Each call is up to 2 hours long and recorded, to be posted in the group archive.

In addition to twice-monthly coaching calls led by Allison, The Garden houses a community forum.

This community is lovingly held space for you to connect with others who are also on this path, with each individual honoring the Five C’s:

and Care.

Also Included in membership is my 5-part video course, “Sexual Awakening”, to give you a launching point for your sexual energy exploration.

Membership is $98/month, with a minimum membership length of three months.

The Garden is a space of exploration and learning, for those who are feeling the call. I can't wait to see you inside!

Allison Holley is Head Coach here in The Garden membership community.

She is a conscious channel, clairvoyant, and ecstatic sexuality teacher, with certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki Master Teacher - Usui Lineage, Erotic Blueprints certified coach, and 8 years conscious channeling experience.

Allison is the author of the book, "The Era of the True Creator", and is currently writing her second book, "Dancing in the Garden of the Gods", to be published in December 2020.

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